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Why Choose LDA?

We offer a broad spectrum of flexible and personalised specialist support to enable individuals to live as independently as possible, access community-based opportunities, develop their confidence and skills to reach their full potential. At LDA we support the Transforming Care agenda and focus on working with individuals who require support to return home from a long-term hospital setting, or who are at risk of admission due to crisis in the community, therefore preventing unnecessary hospital admissions and supporting complex discharges. 

Our Approach

Positive Behaviour Support is the foundation of the support we provide at LDA. The focus is always on enhancing quality of life for the people that we support within capable environments.  

We collaborate with the person, their families and other stakeholders involved in their support.  This enables us to create person centred goals and opportunities for leisure and skill building through Active Support, developing independence towards a life that is meaningful to the individual at a pace that meets their needs.  

We recognise that behaviours which are considered challenging serve a purpose for the people we support. Embedding Positive Behaviour Support within our model of care means behaviours that challenge us are naturally reduced over time, as people live amore fulfilled life and learn to have their needs met in new ways.   

As an organisation, we use PROACT SCIPr-UK®, which supports and works in conjunction with PBS (Positive Behaviour Support). This, alongside person centred support, enables us to develop accredited systems through a least restrictive model of care. PROACT SCIPr-UK®, together with PBS, gives our support workers the skills to manage behaviours that challenge in a proactive, enabling way that encourages better outcomes for the people we work with.  

Range of Needs We Can Support

Learning Disability

Mental Health


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Meet the Team

Mark Penney

Operations Director – LDA

Mark has worked across several leading care providers holding senior management roles as Operations Director and Managing Director. Mark has substantive experience in delivering services for learning disability and/or autism, mental health, and specialist complex care settings. Mark is committed towards enhancing quality of life for the people we support, with inclusive and collaborative engagement in the achievement of progressive outcomes. Mark is passionate in championing the contributions made by our colleagues in delivering support.

Sandie Walker

Positive Behaviour Support Lead – North

Sandie started her career in care many years ago as a support worker for the NHS and Social Services, before joining the private sector. She has always supported people with Learning Disability and Autism and has experience working with children, Mental Health and acquired brain injury.

Sandie qualified in management and became a registered manager in 2000, before changing direction to work in a behaviour therapy role in 2011. Since then, she has studied behavioural science at Cardiff University, where her passion for Positive Behaviour Support began, and worked as a Positive Behaviour Practitioner within a large organisation, supporting people in residential settings, followed by a role as Specialist Clinical Behaviour Therapist as part of a large clinical team supporting people with Autism.

Katherine Stubbs

Positive Behaviour Support Lead – South

Katherine started her career as a Support Worker in the charity sector whilst studying for her degree in Psychology. Over the years, she has worked in a variety of settings and roles, including Mental Health Services, Learning Disability and Autism Services, Residential and Supported Living. Her roles have been varied from Support Worker through to Senior Community Practitioner and Registered Manager. In 2007, Katherine became a Behaviour Therapist for a large private organisation, completing her Masters in Positive Approaches to Challenging Behaviour (ABA) at Cardiff University.

“I am passionate about Positive Behaviour Support, ensuring that we give the right support at the right time to enable both the people that we work for and their teams to achieve together and ‘thrive’.”

Jenny Jameson

Operations Manager – North Region

Jenny qualified as a Registered Learning Disability Nurse in 2006 and has achieved a Level 4 In Positive Behaviour Support. Since qualifying as a nurse, Jenny has worked within various parts of the care sector, spending a number of years in Forensic Services, Continuing Health Care and Private Community Care. This has helped to develop her skills and knowledge, in order to deliver quality care to those she works with, whilst enabling her to determine care on a holistic level.

“I am very passionate about delivering person-centred care, ensuring that all individuals are empowered to make choices as to the care they receive, and have a voice in how they want to be supported. Encouraging better outcomes for the people I work with is of vital importance to me.”

Tom Smith

Operations Manager - Central Region

Tom has spent his career working in the Learning Disability social care sector with children and adults. Having had the opportunity to start out as a support worker, Tom never looked back and now has significant experience working within Autism, LD and Mental Health settings across community and residential services. Tom has held Regional or Senior Management roles for a significant period of this time with several respected and recognisable national charities. His previous experiences have seen him lead on innovation schemes, specifically targeting the Transforming Care agenda, in addition to large scale organisation change and turnaround projects.

Tom joins LDA with a passion for giving people the platform and opportunity to really make the most of their lives, irrespective of the complexities or difficulties they may have encountered.  

Hannah Mathers

Service Development Manager - LDA

Hannah began her career in the Health and Social Care sector as a support worker for individuals with Autism and Learning Disabilities. Having supported an individual to transition into a new service,

Hannah decided to pursue a career within service development. Working for both private and not-for-profit organisations, Hannah has significant experience of supporting and developing services for individuals with Autism and Learning Disability diagnoses.

To speak with Hannah about the services provided by LDA, please feel free to call her on 07715 901 385 or email hannah.mathers@bhsc.care

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