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Working for LDA

We are dedicated to understanding the strengths, aspirations, goals, and passions of the people we support so we can match them with a like-minded care team who will support them in their choices and promote their independence.

We are also fully committed to driving the professional development of our team members, providing ample training opportunities to build their skillset to deliver the best care for the people we support. But don’t just take our word for it. Read what our staff members have to say about working for LDA.

Current Vacancies

For a list of all current vacancies please visit our careers website or call our Recruitment Team on 0115 678 0127 to enquire about vacancies in your area.

Staff Success Stories

Jays Story

Having originally joined us as a support worker, Jay is a true inspiration and shining example of the dedication and commitment we look for in all our team members. Not only has Jay succeeded in gaining a BA degree in Social Science (Criminology and Law) whilst working full time and taking care of her young family at home, she has recently been promoted to Service Manager for LDA which is a fantastic achievement!

“Throughout my time as an LDA support worker, I have listened, I have laughed, I have felt immense pride, I have mentored, coached, and taught, but I have also continuously learned. Through helping others to develop and succeed, I have also developed and succeeded. I have made so many fantastic relationships with clients and colleagues and learned a lot about myself in the process.

Whilst working at LDA, I completed my under graduate dissertation on the experiences of mental health patients in their rehabilitation. I strongly believe that working at LDA has provided me with the broadened knowledge and experience to assist me in recently finalizing with a 1st class in my honours degree, whilst also accelerating my skills and passion for work in psychology. Equally, I believe that my research has provided me with a much better insight into rehabilitative care delivery. 

When I first started, there was only one community care package and I have not only had the pleasure of watching it grow significantly, but I have been able to grow with it. I was promoted to Service Manager for Lincolnshire and Doncaster in October2021 and remain incredibly grateful to have been afforded with this opportunity. Having loved working for the organization as a support worker and now really enjoying my new role, I am even now considering a master’s in management. I love that, even now, I am still continuously learning, each day, and that I have developed to a greater level of support to provide for both clients and staff members.”

We are so proud and grateful to have Jay as part of our outstanding team and we are confident that our LDA offering will continue to go from strength to strength now that Jay is helping to manage the service.

Andrews Story

Andrew joined LDA in the Spring of 2021 following a values-based recruitment drive. He had previously worked in a supermarket but made a planned move to the care sector as he felt he had a lot to offer and wanted a more meaningful profession.

Andrew received a comprehensive training package and joined the team who support a young man living an active social life. Andrew is a natural support worker, and his fresh approach has supported the team to improve their practices and develop care plans further with the individual they support. Andrew has asked for additional responsibilities and development opportunities, which he has been given, and he is currently looking at how he can improve his skillset further by also supporting an individual with quite unique needs.

Andrew loves his job, and is a valued member of the LDA family, he is a perfect example of why values-based recruitment is so effective.