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Supporting people with a Learning Disability provides the foundation of our service. Our support workers are guided by our Specialist Clinical Team, which includes Positive Behavioural Support (PBS) leads and practitioners. Specialist training is sourced and provided to all staff, enabling them to recognise and understand the needs of those we support, how their diagnosis affects them, and how we can support them to live their best lives.

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David's Story

David is supported 24 hours a day in his own bungalow, by 2 members of staff. David has a severe Learning Disability and Autism and presents with behaviour that can challenge at times. 

David became a looked-after child in his early teen years when his behaviour became unmanageable at home. He has lived in various children’s homes, and experienced placement breakdowns as an adult, at times being supported 4:1. Before being repatriated to his hometown, he was supported by an out of area specialist residential service for a few months, who developed a PBS plan for him, and he stabilised. 

He moved into his own bungalow in the summer of 2021 and has settled well. His bespoke team of support workers have undergone specialist training and attended workshops to develop his person-centred care plans, as well as his PBS plan. With the help of our specialist Learning Disability Nurse he now has routines in place which have enabled him to have a better sleep pattern, engage in more personal care tasks, and enjoy a more varied and sensory activity timetable.  

David’s aggressive and self-harming behaviours have decreased, and he enjoys nothing more than hand and foot massages from his devoted team. His family visit regularly and have enjoyed seeing the positive change in him. David’s current goals are to develop his community access, and to increase his independence in relation to personal care.

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